“Jack of all trades, master of non.”

Election is over, Back to work.

Well the Election is over and wether you like the outcome or not, It back to work for most of us. I for one will be happy not to see another negative political advertisement.

The saying go’s
“Jack of all trades, master of non.”

I would like to think I’m a knowledgeable antique dealer. The truth is I know enough about a lot of subject to be dangerous. There are so many different categories that no one can be an expert in all. The things that I have been good at over the years is keeping an open mind, doing lots of research and not hesitating to ask questions of other so called experts.

Recently I took some items to New York with the thought of putting them for sale at ether Christies or Sotheby’s. I Phoned my contacts and with my appointment set took the item in. My first appointment was upsetting to say the least. The “expert” told me in a very dismissive way “Total fake, not original and would not consider putting this in one of our sales.”  So with my tail between my leg I scurried off to my next appointment. Just a little nerves I un-boxed the items and held my breath. Thinking I was going to be thrown out. I waited and to my surprise the “expert” was thrilled.   “not the finest work by this craftsman but what a lovely example”
I decided not to put the items in the Auction but sold to a collector directly.

This trip reinstalled the lessons I learned many years ago.
Don’t give up to quickly and seek the opinion of several “EXPERTS”

If you are looking to sell or buy. Please give me a call I am always happy to give my opinion. I don’t charge for phone or Email consultation and you never know I might save you some money or pay you more.

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