Royal Doulton and other fine English China.

Royal Doulton and other fine English China.

Royal Doulton Was founded in 1815 as a began as a partnership between John Doulton, Martha Jones, and John Watts. The factory was factory in Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, London. When it was founded it was known simply as Doulton Potteries. It wasn’t until 1901 when King Edward VII sold the factory the Royal Warrant, allowing the business to adopt new markings and a new name, Royal Doulton.

royal-doulton-pretty-ladies-belle-petite-figurine-d-20100924141006647~955124Royal Doulton is probably best known for make beautiful figurines like this one “Pretty Ladies, Belle Petite”

But for a long time they produced many thing including, dinnerware, gift-ware, cookware, porcelain, glassware, collectables, jewellery, linens, curtains, and lighting. I guess they were trying to find there nich’e.

The market for Figurines has seen it’s up’s and down’s, As most things have but there still seems to be interest in fine quality items and recently I noticed on item sold for over $5,000.

Royal Doulton old

Royal Doulton is now owned by WWRD Holdings Ltd. This stands for “Wedgwood, Waterford Crystal, Royal Doulton”, they are based in Barlaston near Stoke-on-Trent.

If you have any fine or rare figurines I would love to see a photo of them, never ceases to amaze me what has survived and what people collect. If you are looking to sell your collection please contact me. I have several collectors who are looking to buy. I can be reached at you can email me at or give me a call.  (941) 809-2388

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Know your Pearls.

Know your Pearls.

I have been asked several time recently, if I buy Pearls? The answer is yes I do but 8 out of 10 times when I go to look at these Pearls I fined they are not real. I have no interest in Faux Pearls because they are today costume jewelry and of low value. Real Pearls have unique characteristics and over the years, like most quality estate jewelry have retained their value and the best sets have appreciated. On the web site for Sarasota Antique Mall ( I have a page that gives some ways to tell if you have real or faux Pearls. (All about Pearls and other Estate jewelry.) Or you can always set up an appointment and I will be happy to advise you. You never know, possibly you have a valuable set like these.


Christie’s Image

The Cowdray Pearls, a natural grey pearl necklace from the collection of the late Viscountess Cowdray, Lady Pearson (1860-1932) – sold at Christie’s London for $3.35 million

Sarasota Antiques is actively buying fine estate and old Jewelry including Pearls. Please give us a call if you are selling or just looking for a second option.

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Things to know when selling!!!!

I ofter receive phone calls from people trying to sell there antiques. I love the buying part of this business but it can be sometimes frustrating and the main reason is “A lot of people have no idea what they have.”

I don’t just mean no idea of the value, No?? cant even tell me what it is made of, used for or how they got it. I sometimes think there are a lot of people out there who are half a sleep. I wounder how they manage in day to day life?

These phone conversations can be both fun and frustrating and one day I will have to wright a book about them. Some examples I get more often than others. I think #1 go’s something like this.

Phone rings………

Me:  “Good morning, Sarasota Antiques, this is Robert, How can I help you?”
Southern Man:”This the antique store?”
Me: “Yes Sir, How can I help you?”
Southern Man:”What?”
Me: (Louder and slower) Yes Sir, How can I help you?
Southern Man:”What?”  What did you say? You ain’t from around here?”
(50% of the time this statement is followed by “SON”  IE: “You ain’t from around here, are you SON?”) Some might find this threatening but over the phone from an older person, who probably cant run as fast as I can. It just makes me smile.)
Me: “No but I have lived in Sarasota for over 30 years. Are you looking to sell something?”
Southern Man:”where you out of?”
Me: “Sorry”
Southern Man:”What?…….. Wher’d you come from?…….Before?”
Me: ” Oh, London I was born in central London”
Southern Man:”OK England? Do you know the McFaderns? There from over there, Edinburgh? I think.”
Me: (now realizing this conversation could go on for several hours decide to not raise to the bait. Knowing full well that there are over 70milion people living in England and Edinburgh is in Scotland??? But that’s another Blog) “No sorry, I have been in Sarasota a long time, in the Antique business over 30 years. Now how can I help you ??”
Southern Man:”Well, I have these things, I got them from…. Well I have had them a long time…… Got them from????? My mother I think? but she got them from….. Well it must have been her mother or was it her aunt. Let me think. We had them when I moved to Florida? or did we go get them after mother passed?”
(Knowing this could go on for several minutes I interrupt.)
Me: “OK, sounds interesting. What are the they?”
Southern Man:”I don’t know”
(This always makes me lough. Make me think about check out at grocery store, “Paper or plastic” I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!)
Me: “Well can you describe the things to me?”
Southern Man: “Well they are in the garage, in boxes. I’m getting set to go back north, don’t want to take all this stuff back with me. When can you come and look???”
Me: “Well I normally try and find out what the items are before I drive all over Gods green earth. But why don’t you tell me where you live and If it close, well maybe.”
Southern Man: “I live in central Florida about 2hrs from Sarasota.”
Me: “Well before I drive for 2hrs, can you go to the garage and open some of the boxes. Maybe give me some idea of what it is I am coming to see?”
Southern Man: ” I thought you would just come and go though them with me. If you want you can buy the stuff and if it’s nothing, put it out to the street for the trash people”
Me: “Well, while that sounds like a wonderful idea, I don’t think it will fit into my schedule.”
Southern Man: ” Ok”  Hangs Up……………………..

Truth is if he had been just down the street I probably would have gone. But 2hrs drive to move trash to the street seemed a bit much. I often wonder WHAT WAS IN THE BOXES?????

I think what I am trying to say is, if you want me to invest time in looking at your items for sale. Please invest some of your time in knowing what they are or trying to describe them. Some times the best way to do this is to send some photos. This can be ether by Email or Text a photo. I am happy to look and try to help.

Thanks for looking at my Blog hope you have a wonderful day. If you are looking to sell give me a call or send me an Email.

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When is a print valuable?

This I find to be an interesting question. Original art has always demanded a higher price than printed art. I believe the main reason is this is true is due to quantity. By the meaning of the word ORIGINAL. An original is a “one of a kind” the only one to be made. Printing was invented to reproduce work more accurately and to make multiple copy’s of the work faster and there for cheaper.

This is not to say that prints are not valuable though.

As an example recently Christies sold a HENRI MATISSE, lithograph (Repos sur la Banquette1929, on Arches paper, signed in pencil, numbered 9/50) for $25,000


This is a lovely example of Matisse work and shows he is an excellent print maker.
Several things that need to noted about this work.
It has his original signature, It is numbered, He only made a small quantity. (This one is the 9th out of 50 total)

On the other had Christies also sold an original of his work last year.
The work was in crayon and on paper it was not signed by his had but stamped with his monogram. It also should be noted it had an impeccable provenance. I personally don’t think its his finest work but as you can see from the price, A one of a kind is worth more than a one of fifty.

Untitled 1

Tête, cheveux boucles
Stamped with initials ‘HM.’ (lower right) black Conté crayon on paper

When I am out hunting for Antiques I am always very skeptical of printed works. I know that there are lots of fakes out there and it is so hard to tell, even for an expert.  I try to always remember this simple rule.

“If it is to good to be true, then it probably is.”
Also I take into consideration the cost. Like buying a lottery ticket. If the print is $5 at a thrift store, I may take that gamble.

At Sarasota Antiques we offer free appraising service. So if you have items you are selling or looking at buying, give me a call. I am always happy to help.

Happy hunting.

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“Jack of all trades, master of non.”

Election is over, Back to work.

Well the Election is over and wether you like the outcome or not, It back to work for most of us. I for one will be happy not to see another negative political advertisement.

The saying go’s
“Jack of all trades, master of non.”

I would like to think I’m a knowledgeable antique dealer. The truth is I know enough about a lot of subject to be dangerous. There are so many different categories that no one can be an expert in all. The things that I have been good at over the years is keeping an open mind, doing lots of research and not hesitating to ask questions of other so called experts.

Recently I took some items to New York with the thought of putting them for sale at ether Christies or Sotheby’s. I Phoned my contacts and with my appointment set took the item in. My first appointment was upsetting to say the least. The “expert” told me in a very dismissive way “Total fake, not original and would not consider putting this in one of our sales.”  So with my tail between my leg I scurried off to my next appointment. Just a little nerves I un-boxed the items and held my breath. Thinking I was going to be thrown out. I waited and to my surprise the “expert” was thrilled.   “not the finest work by this craftsman but what a lovely example”
I decided not to put the items in the Auction but sold to a collector directly.

This trip reinstalled the lessons I learned many years ago.
Don’t give up to quickly and seek the opinion of several “EXPERTS”

If you are looking to sell or buy. Please give me a call I am always happy to give my opinion. I don’t charge for phone or Email consultation and you never know I might save you some money or pay you more.

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You can’t sell that on Ebay??????

Did you know that you cant sell Ivory on Ebay but you can sell fur coats? Is there any sense in that? What is the reasoning?

Small Ivory music box in the form of a piano.

Small Ivory music box in the form of a piano. Circa 1790

There are several other things the online giant forbids that also don’t make sense.
German WW2 items specifically Nazi.

Ok Maybe I get that. Well no I don’t. I think its part of history and we need to remember, both the good and bad, especially the bad. That way I hope we don’t repeat those horrible episodes.

I fully respect that Ebay can use its own judgment to allow or not, but I think there should be one rule for everything. Don’t sell Nazi things and don’t sell Christian things. The Christians have killed and persecuted more than most. Partially the Catholics, add to the list of no’s, Roman things, I seem to remember the Romans killed a lot of Christians. The Spanish weren’t very nice to the Inca and then there are the New Englanders, killing all those witches. (Most as it turned out were not witches but that’s another Blog.) Modern history is full of horrific episodes and the list could go on and on.

I say all of this with a smile on my face, as a bit of a joke. or just food for thought.
I don’t condone the bad things that our ancestors did but rather learn from them and educate people to be more tolerant and understanding. I also don’t like being told you cant by big government or big business.

I don’t deal in war relics or fur coats, but I would not trash them ether. One man’s trash can be another’s treasure.

I have several pieces of antique Ivory for sale in my shop. All well over 100 years old and I had no part in harvesting the Ivory. The carving and workmanship is quite amazing showing a tremendous amount of skill.

I don’t condone hunting and I am glad the governments have outlawed the trade of any new Ivory. I would never purchase a new piece of Ivory and I also wound buy a fur coat.  If you don’t like them I understand I won’t force you to buy them. Please don’t tell me not to sell them.

French 18th Century Ivory modal cannon

French 18th Century Ivory modal cannon

The Signs of a Valuable Antique

Tiffany silver set of flatware

You’re going buy some furniture and accessories, so why not buy something that can hold its value. Antiques often have a greater chance of keeping there value than new machine-made items. Also, antiques add character, history, and warmth to your house.
Whether you are buying antiques because of their beauty, or because you are hoping that they will hold their value, the best rule is to buy what you like — and to keep your “RADAR” out for values. RADAR is an acronym
Really great condition.
When you find an antique that meets these five criteria, you’ve probably found an item that’s likely to hold and possibly appreciate as the years go by.

If your buying or selling it is always best to goto a reputable dealer. Remember if its to good to be true it probably is. I cant tell you how many times I have heard “Well in New York I could get lots more” If that truly is the case then I know I would take it to New York.
Have fun hunting for that special treasure and good luck.

Meissen figurine Taylor on goat171 Painter 41 Gustav Franz

To find out more information on the photos go to Sarasota Antique Mall

Silver flatware set by Tiffany

Meissen Figerine circa 1790